Saturday, June 7, 2008

What's On Lisi's Mind

Lisi: "Mom, do farmers have pigs?"
Me: "Usually."
Lisi: "I hope Unky Alex likes pigs."
Me: "Why???"
Lisi: "Because he is going to be a farmer."
Mark: "No, he is going to be a pharmacist!"

I wonder how long that thought has been running thru that sweet little mind of hers???!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Isabella & Lisi go to Disney World

Man, oh, man have I been negligent in posting these pictures!!!
Grammy & PaPa (my parents) took our sweet girls to Disney World a month ago, and I am finally getting caught up on my blogging...thankfully Isabella & Lisi are STILL talking about the trip!  (And Grammy & PaPa might still be getting caught up on sleep & rest...hee,hee,hee)  But according to all, it was a GREAT time, and I think they are already planning their next trip!!

PaPa with Iz & Lisi in front of Magic Kingdom

Isabella, PaPa & Lisi
(I do not know where this picture was taken, but it is just one of my favorites.)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Disney Pix

Isabella, Lisi & Grammy

Isabella, Grammy & Lisi

Lisi, Isabella, PaPa & a GIANT ant (I think from "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids")

Isabella & Ariel...signed by Ariel, too!!!

Isabella & Lisi getting hugs from Mickey & Minnie...and signed by them, too!  (Lisi is in LOVE with Minnie...this is her favorite picture and memory of their time at Disney World.)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

a 'wickedly' good time

...was had by Heather, Nicol and I as we enjoyed a hip and de-lish dinner @ Geisha House in Hollywood, followed by an AMAZING production of Wicked at the Pantages.  Technically, we were 3 moms going out to dinner before the show, and then home before midnight, but while we were out that night, we just felt like we were 3 friends out enjoying a beautiful evening in Hollywood.


If my own sweet girls get their own blog post, then so does this sweet Emma girl.  Can I just tell you that I LOVE her!!!  I met her when she was only days old, and had the privilege of caring for her the first week that she was home.  Honestly, privilege is only the best word that I can come up with, but it does not even come close to how feel about that experience.  When Heather was pregnant I loved "zoom lenz" because, well, it was favorite cousin Heather's babe!  But caring for Emma allowed me to fall in love with her, and forever feel tied to her.  The fact that she is just stinkin' cute is a bonus!  Now she can talk and tell her own little stories, 'make tea' for her Mommy and I, and takes amazingly good care of her own 'babies'.  She and her parents are also great hosts when you visit them in CA...I know I will be back!
Emma and me
Amy, Emma and favorite cousin Heather at their home
good times!
a playdate at the park

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lisi Claire's Spring Program

There really is just nothing like a 3 year old pre-school program. And for our family, this one just takes the cake. The 45 second video at the end of this post is just a snipet of Lisi singing her heart out front and center. That sweet, squeaky voice that you will hear belongs to our own sweet Lisi Claire.

Lisi walking in and waving to her fans
(Her Mom & Dad, Isabella, PaPa and Pastor Lori)

Isabella, Pastor Lori and Lisi after the program @ Des Moines Christian

Iz, PaPa & Lisi

sweet Lisi muckin' it up for her Momma on Mother's Day

THE VIDEO...I only wish I had thought to tape all of the program

catching up with Isabella

It has been such a long while since I have blogged regularly, I have lots of catching up to do. So I will dedicate this post to Isabella...

at the all-school art fair standing next to the 3 pieces of her artwork her teacher picked to display

art class on a sunny spring day...sidewalk chalk!

coming home from school with a Mother's Day gift for me: flowers in a bag decorated by Isabella

last day of Daisy Girl Scouts~ this experience has been a high light of the school year and she is already excited for Girl Scouts in 1st Grade!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It Needs To Be Jenn's Birthday More Often!

Yesterday was Jenn's birthday, and I cannot remember the last time I celebrated so much!! All I can say is, "It needs to be Jenn's birthday more often!"
An impromptu party at our favorite lunch-time gathering spot: Happy Joe's!
They were kind enough to indulge a Mom's birthday celebration with balloons (weighed down with packets of taco sauce...gotta love a classy joint like that!)
Then a 'clown cone'...and the sirens, too!!!
Lisi & Cale with the scary teeth they won from the game room
Ending the day at our house with angel food cake (OK, and a margarita, too)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENN! I enjoy you and our friendship!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Isabella's Calculation

Isabella: "Mom guess how many days I have been in school?"

Me: "How many?"

Isabella: "161. That is more than years PaPa is old!"