Friday, August 31, 2007

Class of 2020

Isabella is sitting 3rd from the end on the far right.
Go Lions!!!

Chapel Day

I have 2 favorite aspects of Des Moines Christian. Well, no, 3.
First~ a Biblical and Christ centered curriculum and school day. We strive for that in our family and in our daily life, and now that Isabella is somewhere other than with our family 35 hours a week, it is important that her school environment jives with our family life. Even writing that, I am surprised at just how important this has become to me, but it really is important.
Second~ Principal Lambert and Dr. Stouffer greet each child, every morning, as they enter the building. The day I took Awnna to school last year and I saw this, it really convicted me as to just how different this environment would be from our local school district. And now, even Lisi looks forward to it!
Third~ Chapel Day. Every Wednesday is Chapel Day, and every student and teacher wears their school polo shirt, khaki pants, a belt, and shirt tucked in. There are more than 360 elementary students @ DMCS, and all of them file into the commons area, sit quietly, and participate in a 30 minute chapel time. This week was the first Chapel Day of the school year, and it was mostly a welcome back/ introduction time. But last year the girls and I sat in on a Chapel Day when Pastor Lori spoke. Again, I was so convicted as to just how special this environment is. This week Dara and I were the only parents who stayed for Chapel (with Colin and Lisi, too), but I think that Lisi and I will be there most Wednesdays. It is a fun and encouraging time for me, too!


Lisi and I joined Isabella for lunch on Monday. It has been many years since I have eaten lunch at school, but I think I will be doing it often for the next several years. So much fun!!!
Those of you who know us, know that my sweet girls are pretty picky eaters, so I was curious how 'school lunch' was going to go. Happy to report, so far, so good! Maybe a bit unconventional, but good. Cold pepperoni, raw baby carrots and string cheese. And much to Isabella's delight...chocolate milk!
Lisi was so happy to see Adele at lunch, too:)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Quote from Lisi

"Momma, I have a pwrobwum.
And it is not a good pwrobwum."

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jordan's "Buddy Walk"

Saturday was a really fun and special day for our family. It was our local "Buddy Walk" to raise awareness for Down's Syndrome, and it was our privilege to be there with Jordan and her family. We were joined by our friends Anne & Mia, as well as the Singleton family.
I have to say, I did not expect all that had been prepared for the morning! Not only was there the walk, but there were craft stations, face painting, an inflatable slide and 'bouncy houses'. It was so much fun!!!
Oh, and there was also the BEST tasting Kettle Korn that I have ever eaten, and it was provided by Poppin Joes from Kansas City. You really need to check out this website, read about Joe, and then choose to purchase popcorn and gifts from Poppin Joes. I don't know that I have ever been that bold on this blog, but it is stories like this that truly make America great and full of possibilities!
But back to my friend, Jordan. She was so very happy at 'her' walk yesterday, and we were so very happy to be a part of her day!!!

Slumber Party!!!

What was I thinking???
We LOVE having our friend, Mia, spend the night with us, but this past Friday night, the girls were having SUCH a great time playing 'cruise ship going to Alaska' in our bedroom, that when Isabella asked if they could all sleep in our room, and "Mommy and Daddy sleep somewhere else", I said YES!?!? What was I thinking???
For better or for worse, the plan did not come to full fruition. We started bedtime at 8pm, but by 10pm, each of the 3 girls was sleeping in a different room, and we all (kind of) got some sleep:)

Friday, August 24, 2007

New Clothes For School

Grammy was bitten by the 'back to school' bug, too, and found her remedy at Von Maur. Love That!!! Flowers and horses were her theme, and Isabella was thrilled!! The first pix is of 2 new skirts, and the 2nd pix is of pants embroidered with pink horses...does it get any better than that???
The 3rd pix is of Isabella wearing her Des Moines Christian Kindergarten t-shirt. All of the Kindergarten students got one in the mail late this summer, and were asked to wear it on the 2nd day of school. It was really cute to see ALL of them headed into school Thursday morning:)
So far, school and Isabella are a perfect match.

Wickedly Cute

If you cannot read the writing on the tee, double click on the picture to see it better because truer words have never been written! Again, thank you, Grammy!!!
This outfit, however, was all Mommy's doing. I usually do not buy 'outfits' for my girls. They pick clothes for their own unique 'creations' anyway. But this one I splurged on...down to the shoes. And I am now inspired to continue spending way to much effort and money on cute girl clothes...I am lovin' how sweet she looks!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Grandma Jill got THIS party started with a cookie bouquet just for the 1st day of great is that???
Isabella was SO excited to be in school that I could barely keep up with her to take this picture!
Friends from the start~ Our friend, Adele, is also in Isabella's class!!

Contrary to what I (and probably everyone who knows me) thought, I made it through taking my baby to Kindergarten without a tear. It was just so much FUN!! And Isabella was so VERY excited!!! Mark stayed home from work this morning and went with us to take her to the 1st day of school, and that was a really special treat:)
I have already painted Lisi's finger and toe nails since we got home, and now I am all out of ideas on just how to entertain her without her sister here. Isabella has done just a great job of that for the past 3 years! Now we are off to meet Angela, Dara and kids for lunch....can we do that every day for the next 9 months???

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mr & Mrs Joshua Smith

My cousin, Megan Miller, got crazy this past weekend, and became a Smith! I have only met Josh a few times, but I totally approve. What a great guy!!!

At the reception, they also honored the couple that had been married the longest, and it was a tie between GiGi & TGO, and Josh's grandparents...61 years!!!
As I have told so many friends before, when you choose right, married life ROCKS!!!
...and I definitely chose right:)

cousins @ the wedding

The last few weeks have shown me just how big, and wonderful!, our family is! And we have not even been with everyone!!! But it sure has been a busy and fun time!

ALL of the girl cousins with Baby Shaylee
Isabella and Lisi with Chloe
Gant and Isabella

Saturday, August 18, 2007

oh, ya, and this happened...

nothin' like a purple goose egg on the middle of my sweet girl's forehead~ but as you can see, it does not seem to phase her....

Cousins @ Tablerock Lake

G-5 got his vacation started with a shopping cart full of fireworks just over the Missouri border!

Isabella on the top of the Raridon's dock slide

this is my favorite lake picture~
Marlee, Lisi, Isabella and G-5 on the tube!!!

sweet Lisi

taking a 'swim break' off the back of the boat
Isabella, G-5, Mark, Lisi and Marlee
After a whirlwind of activity here in Des Moines, we packed up 2 Suburbans, a pickup with a trailer, and trailered a boat, too, and headed south to Tablerock Lake. Mark's family has a house on the lake there. I have been going to that house myself since about 1984~ I learned how to waterski there! And I love it that our cute girls will be making memories there as well.

Cousins and The Iowa State Fair

Mark's sister, Melissa, and her family came to visit from Florida. We have not spent enough time with her cute kids, Glenn (aka, G-5) and Marlee, and we set out to make up for lost time at the Iowa State Fair!
G-5 and Marlee are both 'equines', and I loved razzing G-5 that this horse was his new mount, Magic. I don't know if he knew to chuckle, or be insulted, as he and his (real) horse, Magic, are a great team.

Lisi and "Auntie Ah" (Melissa) on the carousel together

sweet sisters

Glenn IV, Mark, G-5, Isabella and Lisi entering the MidWay

Marlee with her MidWay prize...won all by herself!

...and everything on a stick

This post is mostly for my (favorite cousin) Heather, who lives in Los Angeles, but longs to visit the Iowa State Fair, and still regrets missing the years of Butter Elvis and The Butter Last Supper.
I promised her that I would get pix of all of the food that we "ate on a stick"....
and can you believe that we only touched the surface of what was available????
MMM, mmm, good!

Isabella began the festivities with a chocolate covered banana on a stick (the pix of Lisi eating it were not fit to print on a family friendly website...if you know what a mean...
And even though cotton candy is not on a stick, it is definitely 'fair food'!

Isabella took this pix of me eating a pork chop on a stick, and it was DELICIOUS!!!
G-5 went for the corn dog on a stick, topped with mustard

deep fried zucchini!

corn dogs!

By this point in the night, Marlee, and everyone else, thought my pictures of all of our food was just plain silly. Oh, but this was chicken nugget on a stick!

My Dad Is "King of the Midway"!!!

and then he went back and won one for Lisi, too!

cousins and horseback riding

This has been a BUSY past few weeks! And there is no way that I can do all of this fun justice...but I will try! Earlier this month, my mom's St Louis family came up for their annual 10 day summer vacation to Lake Panorama. I think their 11 year old son, Will, had the quote of the week: "Auntie Di (my Mom), if you get tired of us, you can go back to West Des Moines."
How is that for subtle???
But my cutie girls look forward to this every summer...10 days of cousins, swimming, and this year, horse back riding!!

Isabella running with Frisky

Frisky, Isabella, Paige, Lisi and Annie

"Little P Von D" riding Frisky

Annie, Frisky, and our teacher, Megan

Iz and Paige hangin' out