Monday, March 24, 2008

Better Living Thru Chemistry

Many of you know that while my family has had pink eye, high fevers, sinus trouble and chronic coughing, I have had this dull sore throat. I went to my primary care doctor, oh, probably 2 months ago, and was diagnosed with being healthy. I then went to the walk in clinic where I was diagnosed with NOT having strep throat. Then 2 weeks ago I again called my primary care doctor (who, I really should note, is not the primary care doctor I have been raving about for years. She retired this past year, and I am missing her like crazy.)
Basically, I begged for an anti-biotic. Reluctantly, the nurse prescribed something, and told me "to have a nice vacation". I could tell she was most dis-pleased with me, but I was just not feeling 100%.
So 5 days later, out of anti-biotics, and on vacation, I was feeling better, but only a bit.
This morning I went to an ENT specialist. I felt really silly going there for what I knew was only a sinus infection, but, hey, I am a desperate woman at this point!
Diagnosis: sinus infection.
Cause: I live in the same house as 2 young children.
Treatment: high dose anti-biotics (that could have been avoided with earlier treatment)
Long-term prognosis: short of getting selling the children, this could happen again
I know our health care system is messed-up, but, really, did it take this much effort to get the snot to stop draining down the back of my throat???
And on that lovely visual, I will just say, there is better living thru chemistry:)


I have SO much to post/ blog about from our AMAZING vacation this past week, but I want to take a moment to acknowledge Easter.
We were traveling home yesterday, which was Easter Sunday.
Saturday we (and by "we", I mean Mark) drove from Angel Fire, NM to North Plat, NE. And that was more than enough driving for one day:) So Easter morning we woke up in a hotel in NE, drove thru Starbucks, and headed out again. We thought about finding a church to pop into along the way home, but Easter Sunday at any given church tends to be nuts, and we knew where our hearts were yesterday.
Our hearts were with Jesus, and ALL that He did, sacrificed and fulfilled for each and every one of us who make the free-will choice to believe in Him, and accept His gift of grace, to live for eternity with Him in Heaven.
I am just so humbled when I realize that I have the privilege of laying down all of my cares, concerns, worries, fears, successes, achievements, delights and praises at the foot of the Cross.
And I mean at the foot of the Cross.
Not looking at a cross on a hill and imagining placing all of those things there. I mean, getting up to the foot of the Cross, where Christ's redemptive blood will drip down on to me.
From a human perspective, it is not always pretty. But from an eternal perspective, it is glorious and beautiful. I am so humbled that Jesus loves me exactly as I am, for exactly who I am. He created me!
He knows the good, the bad, and, well, the ugly. And yet, He is sitting at the right hand of the Father, right now, this very moment, pleading on my behalf. THAT is amazing love.
Our family missed church yesterday, but I want to share with you the video that was shown in service.
click here
May God's peace and grace be with you always, through the redemptive blood of Christ.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

and I am still blogging

...and then I got a voice mail from Favorite Cousin Heather asking if when I say "I'm Done", did I mean "I'm done cooking, or am I done blogging...or both".
Ha, Ha!!
Very Funny.
Yes, I am still blogging...just trying to find the time...
Be sure to check back next week for tales of our family road trip to Colorado and New Mexico!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We Are Alive

Jenn sent me an e-mail the other day just checking in on us Main's to make sure we were OK.
She said she had not seen, nor heard, from us since my last post, and was afraid that none of us had eaten since I officially quit cooking. She wanted to know if we were OK, needed her to bring food to us, or if we had already died of starvation.
Even thinking about her note brings a little smile to my face:)
Anyway, just thought I would confirm, that we are all alive, Mark is feeding us well, and last night we did something we RARELY do in our family...we went out for pizza and ice cream!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm Done

If you know me, you have surely heard me say, "if Mark did not cook, we would not eat".
And although I laugh at that phrase, I truly wish it were not true.
I would LIKE to cook for my family.
I would LIKE for my family to eat what I cook for them.
And I would LIKE for mealtime to be a pleasant time around the table.
Ya, not so much.
So tonight I baked some chicken in the oven (thanks to Angela reminding for how long & at what temperature), and I also baked up some home=made sweet potato fries, and corn to round it all out.
Mark made his own sauce to cover the taste of what I had marinated. After I took the chicken out of the oven, he pronounced it was not quite done, and cooked it some more. And then he broiled his fries differently than I had done for us. Isabella told me the corn was cold.
And when we left the table, Isabella & Lisi had drank their milk...and that was about it.
So, I am done.
Mark has told me on NUMEROUS occasions that he enjoys cooking, and that I do not need to worry about it. But I have felt bad about that. I am home, and I should have a meal ready for my family. But, as of tonight, I am done.
And that is my Tuesday rant and confession.

Monday, March 3, 2008


....that yesterday it could be 63 degrees in Waukee, and this morning we woke to 2" of SNOW!!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Baby Grayson & Main Girls

This weekend we went to a baby shower for our newest cousin, Grayson. Isabella & Lisi were SO excited to be invited~ it never occurred to me that this would be such a big deal to them:) But I think they were both delighted to be 'officially' recognized as 'big girls'.
So Grayson is ADORABLE, but, somehow, I managed to only get pictures of the Main Girls.


better than going to L.A.... going to see Wicked with (favorite cousin) Heather while in L.A.
I have wanted to see this play since I first heard of it a few years ago, and have been watching for it to come to the Civic Center~ I mean, we did get The Lion King...Wicked could happen!
But if it will not come to me, then I will go to it...
...on a Wednesday night in April, to be exact!