Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fire in LA

If the mountains are not on fire (which they were...just 5 miles West of where I am staying), then iconic Hollywood is on fire.  We woke up this morning to the news that the restaurant where Oceans 11 was filmed, at Hollywood and Vine, has been on fire for hours.  And this is just blocks away from where we are going to dinner tonight at Geisha House.
You can check out more info from here.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's A Small World

...but it sure is feeling awfully big with our sweet girls at Disney World in Florida, and me being minutes from Disney Land in California.  (And my cutie husband back home just a workin' away.)
My parents got all excited at the thought of taking their granddaughters to Disney, and then got brave enough to really go for it...and now the 4 of them are enjoying a magical vacation.
And as I am traveling alone, staying with favorite cousin Heather & her family, and enjoying the sunny days of CA, I, too, am having a magical vacation!
As much as I miss Iz & Lisi, it is kind of nice to be responsible for just myself, and when I need to cuddle with a little person, I have Little Miss Emma here to keep me company:)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday, Dad!

As much as I would love to acknowledge my Dad's birthday in a new and creative way, I cannot think of a way to top last year's "birthday blog" for him. So be sure to check it out here.
At the end of his big day this year, he said to me that driving to work that Thursday morning, he was pretty sure it was going to be a quiet birthday for him. Boy did those around him have different plans!
His office was decorated with signs, pictures, confetti and balloons, lunch was brought in from George the Chili King, Isabella's entire grade sang to him (see blog post below), and when he thought just our family was going out for dinner afterward, he was surprised to see the table set for 18!

Mark, Mom, Lisi, the birthday boy, Isabella, Amy
Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Happy Birthday Dear PaPa, Happy Birthday to You!

What do you give a PaPa who conceivable has everything (except that new Corvette, of course!)?
How about a gaggle of Kindergartners singing "Happy Birthday" to him????
Isabella's school program was ON my Dad's 60th birthday, so I asked the music teacher if there was any way that could be acknowledged. And I have to say, she exceeded my expectations, once again. Here is a quick video clip of the kids.
My friend Alicia got the entire song, as well as my Dad's reaction, but for whatever reason, I am having trouble up-loading that to blogger.
My Dad was totally surprised by it, and later told me it was a great gift to him:)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kindergarten Music Program

This past Thursday was Isabella's Kindergarten Music Program, and as with most things at school, it exceeded all expectations. The 50+ Kindergartners sang "OBEY" and "without complaining" and "I will praise You 7 times a day", but the one that just blew me away was when all 50 of them recited ALL of Psalm 23. Had I realized it was coming, I would have recorded it all. Simply beautiful.
Isabella was especially blessed to have not only her Mom, Dad and sister there, but also Grammy, PaPa, Grandma Nancy, Aunt Cindy & Pastor Lori there to encourage her. Pastor Lori was so sweet to bring flowers for Iz, Adele and that!
This has been such a great year for our family, and as much as I have documented in this blog, I still feel like I have not captured it all.
These video clips are each about 10 seconds long. The first one is of "OBEY", and the second is Psalm 23.

Friday, April 25, 2008

when Bells came to our family

Just LOOK at that sweet face! This was Isabella at her 4th birthday party, more than 2 years ago. If you look closely, you will see that while she is 'reading' this book, and cuddling a new puppy named Bells, there are many unopened presents around her. She found what she liked...why go any further???
A favorite 'party pic' with Khanh, Bells, Isabella and Neil...the givers of her beloved gift!

Bells Goes To...Kindergarten!

This post is as much for the grandparents, as for anyone. I am SO proud of Isabella...she READ a book to her class yesterday! The book that she chose is one that Khanh & Neil gave her a couple of years ago, Bells Goes To The Fair by Susan Knapp. It is a story about a (real-life) golden retriever, Bells, who got lost one day as their family was visiting the Iowa State Fair.

The book references the sisters in Bells' family, Anna & Sarah. And it just so happens that not only has Anna made prize-winning desserts at the Iowa State Fair, her bakery is located down the street from us in Booneville!

Isabella read the book to her class, and allowed Bells to be passed around to all of her classmates. I surprised everyone with mini-cupcakes from Anna's Cakes & Crumbs.
This is a 30 second clip of Isabella reading...

Days like this are what I dream every day of motherhood will be like:)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Anonymous Commenter

A few posts ago I really hammered down on my belief that a professed faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and an eternal life with God, our Father.
That post began an exchange with "Anonymous", and the distinction between faith in Jesus Christ, and needing to have repentance in conjunction with that faith.
I believe that professed faith alone is enough for eternal salvation.
"Anonymous" believes that without repentance, salvation is incomplete.

I think this is a GREAT discussion, and I invite any of you to join in!
Read here for the background.
To be clear, I do believe that repentance is part of the life of a Christ follower.
However, I see repentance as a gift (Acts 5:31).
When I realize the need for repentance, and I humble myself to repentance, I am separated from my sin as far as the east is separated from the west (Psalm 103:12).

PS: If this post interests you, I encourage you to also read this post.

Lisi in bloom

Just when I thought this sweet girl could not get any cuter:)
Lisi's pre-school classmates each decorated their own flower with a picture of themselves in the center, and then the flowers were 'planted' along the hallway. What a wonderful way for this Mom to begin each day!
I was inspired to take this picture because this was the day of Lisi's FIRST school bus ride. Her class went to the public library, but I was told that riding the school bus was MUCH more fun than the library itself:)
And as much as Lisi is our 'fearless' girl, she was VERY apprehensive about the bus. Thankfully her big sister, and our friend Ellie, were able to clue her in ... all based on the 1 time that they have ridden a school bus:)

Our "Neighborhood" Art Studio

Our neighbor began construction on a new art studio about a year ago, and that studio has been calling Isabella's name ever since.
This past week, that call was finally answered. Our neighbor, Karen, called and invited the girls to come over, and not only were they there for hours, they came home happy, and with beautiful new artwork.

Mom's Group

Just had to document this super-cute pix from Mom's Group last week. For the full low-down on how much fun we had, check out Jena's post.

Eli, Lisi, Cale and Ava

Friday, April 18, 2008

a joke from Lisi (age 4)

Lisi: "Knock, Knock"
Me: "Who's There?"
Lisi: "Orange."
Me: "Orange Who?"

Lisi: "Knock, Knock"
Me: "Who's There?"
Lisi: "Orange."
Me: "Orange Who?"

Lisi: "Knock, Knock"
Me: "Who's There?"
Lisi: "BANANA."
Me: "Banana Who?"

Lisi: "Banana Aren't You Glad I Didn't Say Orange?"
(and for you parents of pre-schoolers, you will totally get why this is so stinkin' funny)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

longing for 67*

yesterday 67*, sunny, and all was right in the world.
today 45*, raining, and only rain in sight for days to come.
longing for 67*.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What Does 67* Mean To You????

I'm taking a poll....
Does 67* in April mean "woo hoo, spring is here, and time to pull out the shorts!"
Does 67* mean "ooooh, chill in the air and time to grab a sweater"

When you cast your vote, let us know in which of the 50 great states you live!

New news from Mike Huckabee

If you know me, you probably know that I support Mike Huckabee for President.
I know John McCain is the likely Republican nominee, but in keeping with one of my many favorite Huckabee quotes, I believe in miracles, not just in mathematics.
Today I received the following e-mail from the Huckabee camp re: a new PAC to seek out and support candidates who have a vision of smaller government, lower taxes, stonger military, and the sanctity of family and life.
I encourage each of you to see beyond what the media touts as facts and imminent outcomes. Dig a little deeper, and believe in what could be. WORK to make the future of our country what 'could be'. Personally, I am believing in the 'could be', and am working to make it the 'WILL BE' for our future. As a country, we are headed in a poor direction for leadership, spending, education, and on and on and on. As citizens of this great country, we are the ones who were intended to be in-charge...not those who we elected to represent us. That is the KEY...those who govern us were elected to that position by us, to be our voice and to accurately represent our desires for our nation. Are they doing that????
Maybe you think they are. And if so, then continue to do what you are doing.
But if not, then WORK for a change!!! That IS the only way to change direction.
Whew. Allow me to carefully step down off this soap-box, and re-gain my composure. If you do not want to do anything, then don't complain. But if you feel the need or desire to complain about our current state, then DO SOMETHING about it!

Don’t you wish April 15 were just another spring day? I know I do.

Everyone, (that is everyone that isn’t a Democrat), knows that Americans are over-taxed and over-regulated. As I campaigned for President over the last fourteen months I heard that same complaint time and again when I sat down with families and individuals eager for change in Washington.

Many of these voters also felt that their Party needed to get back to its core principles: less government, lower taxes, a strong national defense and unwavering support for the family and the sanctity of life.

I campaigned to be the agent of that change and while we may have come up short, I remain (and I hope you do as well), undeterred and eager to make a difference.

Enter Huck PAC.

Huck PAC is founded on the principles that make America great: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. And because we believe! our Republican Party embodies these ideas and is best suited to lead America forward, we are committed to supporting Republican candidates nationwide.

We will identify candidates who hold firm to these principles, promote their campaigns and financially support their efforts.

Today I hope you will join us. I ask that you first sign up for my Huck PAC email updates on our new website and then make a contribution of $25 or more in support of our efforts.

You can be certain we will invest your support efficiently and in the most effective manner possible. We were known as the campaign that did more with less and we plan to bring that same innovation and spirit to Huck PAC.

Now I know the skeptics say the FairTax and massive tax reform is impossible to enact.! We will see. What I also know is that we won’t have a chance if we don’t have the courage and the leadership in Congress to see the task through to the end.

That is where Huck PAC comes in, because the path to a FairTax or additional tax reform is far more certain when you walk into a room full of small government, tax-cutting Republicans.

Help me make April 15 just another spring day. Support Huck PAC and tell your friends and family to do so as well.

With deep gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

Monday, April 14, 2008

What Do I Even Call This Post??? (hint: it is about Lisi)

So this morning Lisi was walking from her room and thru the kitchen. And as she passed me, she casually says, "since I am getting a new dresser in my room, it is OK that I wrote on mine".
At this point, I have to say that I channeled every bit of parenting advise that I have ever had come my way, and I stayed really calm. I got down at her level, I told her that I love her VERY much, and I will always love her very much, but I was not loving the choice that she had just made.
Then I asked her to show me what she had done. And this is what I saw:

At this point I asked her to go in the other room while I worked to clean it up. She was very teary-eyed, but obeyed and went in the other room.
What I did not tell her, and may never tell her, is that her marker of choice was a wet-dry marker, and cleaned up in a cinch:)
Aaaaah, another day in paradise....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The ABCs of Me

I've been "tagged" by my friend Angela. She apologized for "tagging" a few of her friends, but, honestly, I love these things. If nothing else, it lets me break out of my normal topics for blog posts:)

A- Attached or Single: happily attached
B- Best Friend(s): gotta have them!
C- Cake or Pie: good cheesecake with a thick graham cracker crust
D-Day of Choice: Monday~ love a new beginning!
E-Essential Item(s): family vacations
F-Favorite Type of Music: all things 70s
G-Gummy bears or worms: bears, but, really, jelly beans
H-Hometown: Kirkwood, MO & West Des Moines, IA
I-Indulgences: Ho-Ho Mint Mocha from Caribou, massages, quiet computer time
J-January or July: ooooh, the coldest or the hottest....can I go with September?
K-Kids: love my own 2 sweet girls!!!
L-Last movie: absolutely no idea (oh, Mark just reminded me that it was "Snow Buddies")
M-Marriage Date: September 18, 1999
N-Number of Siblings: 2 brothers
O-Oranges or Apples: apples, specifically Honey Crisp
P-Phobias or Fears: I am not fond of crowds and lots of commotion
Q-Quotes: "Nothing takes God by surprise." ~ I have to thank Angela for that one, and, at times, it is a daily mantra for me
R-Reasons to Smile: do you need a reason??? Wake up and smile, my friends! Surely a reason will come your way!!!
S-Season: Fall
T-Tag: Jena, fc Heather, Jen Mumm, JHo
U-Unknown Fact About Me: anyone else's wet hands or feet touching me simply CREEPS ME OUT
V-Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth,[1] and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” -Genesis 1:26
Guess that makes me an "Oppressor of Animals"
W-Worst Habit: e-mail, for sure
X-X-rays or Ultrasounds: odd question, but I will go with 'ultrasound'
Y-Your Favorite Food: warm bread with real butter
Z-Zodiac: Leo

If "it" is not about you, and "it" is not about me, who IS it about?

It IS about JESUS!
This is really just a post-script to my previous post. After reading the comments that were left, and, by the way, I REALLY appreciate all of the comments!, I realized that I neglected to hammer on this final point:
So many people believe that 'if they are a good person and care about others', that will get them into Heaven.
Not necessarily so, my friend.
A professed faith in Christ Jesus is the only way to Heaven.
And it is that faith in Christ Jesus that leads to a Christ-like life, which, in turn, leads to a life of striving to 'be a good person and to care for others'.
Caring for our fellow mankind is the by-product of being a Christ-follower; it is not the definition of a Christ-follower.

To sum is not about you. It is about Jesus.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Is It Un-American To Say...

that Oprah has it wrong???
I mean, really, in this society, in this culture, has it become un-American to say that Oprah has got it wrong??? That question could apply to any area, but specifically to her new book-club selection of A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. Let me be clear, I have not read the book. I do not want to read the book. The book that can change my life, and has changed my life, is The Good Book...The Bible. Read it is any version, in any time span, in any chapter order. It will change your life.
What got me started on this blog was a you-tube video with Oprah talking about A New Earth.
Among other things, she talks about 'your life, your spirituality, your authentic self'. Contrary to this way of thinking is the first sentence of Rick Warren's book, A Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth Am I Here For, which says, "It's not about you". Bottom line- it's not about you or your authentic self- we were created by God for His pleasure.
Oprah also has it wrong when she (incorrectly) talks about how she cannot believe that God is a jealous God because if He is omnipotent and omnipresent, then how could He possibly be jealous of her, or any of us? HELLO!!! God is not jealous of US; He is jealous of us worshiping someone or something other than Him. He will not tolerate that. He cannot tolerate us worshiping money, television, an athlete or even our own family. We were created for worship- by Him and for Him. The Bible says that if we fail to worship Him, then the rocks will cry out in worship. But that is NOT what the rocks were created to do. We were! If we fail to do the job we were created to do, we are, in Oprah's words, denying our 'authentic self'.
Now do not get me wrong, God also created family, work, and even athletes. It is OK to partake in all of these things, and to pursue them with excellence.
But we must stop short of worshiping them.
And if you are choosing Sunday morning as your time to worship, and it is a beautiful day, so you choose golf instead, then where is your worship? I'm just sayin'....
Oprah also has it wrong in saying that 'spirituality is not believing, but a feeling'. YIPES!!! God's word also commands us to 'continually re-new our minds' but the heart (where we feel) is the great deceiver.
In today's program, Oprah also said that she has recently come to understand that Jesus did not come to die on the cross, but to show us the way to live a Christ-like life.
It is not about 'us'; we cannot save ourselves by what we do. It IS all about Jesus dying on the cross, being the perfect, sinless sacrifice, seated at the right-hand of the Father constantly pleading on behalf of those who believe in Him.
Jesus the Christ fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament.
He HAD to die and be resurrected!
Some of those most quoted scripture of the New Testament, the guideline we use to live a Christian life, was written by Paul, who did not even come to know Jesus until after His death. Paul's teachings are not a first-hand account of how Jesus lived His life.
The New Testament is not about the apostles, or Paul, or even about you or me. It is a wonderful example of how to live out a Christ-like life, but the New Testament is all about Jesus, and what He did for us on the cross.
I am also going to add that because of Jesus' sinless sacrifice on the cross, when we come to know Him and ask Him to abide in us, our eternal life with Him begins at that moment. My eternal life is not going to begin after I take my last breath on this Earth. My eternal life has already begun! Even on the worst of days, I do not despair. (I might have a good cry and go back to bed, but I know that when I wake up again, it IS a new beginning!)

This post has gotten long and deep, (or deep and wide, as the case might be), but I do hope it has struck a chord with you. What I am finding is the more I have to dig deep to understand what it is about my faith in Christ that I so firmly believe, the more firmly I believe in my faith in Christ. And I think that is exactly what God intended when He commanded us to continually re-new our minds.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Last Run of the Season

Literally...the last run of the season...Afton Alps closed for the season just hours after we left. And it was a great run. Warm and slushy, but a great run!! Isabella and Lisi took a quick, and in their words "not boring" 2 hour ski lesson, while Mark and I were able to ski on our own and break in our new skis. Such fun!! Then we joined up with the girls, grabbed a quick lunch, and went to ski as a family. We were SO proud of them for successfully using the chair lift, and despite the slushy conditions, both girls did a GREAT job. And once again, we had to coax Isabella off the mountain...she loves to ski!Isabella on the chair lift (with her instructor)
Lisi on the chairlift (with her instructor)
"I think I ski better with my tongue sticking out."~ Isabella, age 6
(pushing herself along in the slush by using my poles)
Isabella taking a break from Spring Skiing
(with a little, bitty snow man in the background)
Lisi taking a break from Spring Skiing at Afton Alps

Izzy's Ice Cream, St Paul

Not only did we have a GREAT day of skiing in Minnesota, we also toured the St Paul area...and found "Izzy's Ice Cream Shop"!!! One of the unique aspects of Izzy's, is that every scoop of ice cream is topped with an "Izzy Scoop"...a little, tiny scoop (of a different flavor of your choosing) on top! Izzy's also creates unique flavors, and the shop utilizes solar power!!!
order an Izzy, Izzabella, Izzadae...the list goes on and on!
Our Izzy had a complimentary "double Izzy" just because of her name!!
Lisi enjoying an Izzy-size in an Izzy's cup!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

snow in April...time to ski!

So if you read this blog, you probably know that I love the snow. I even loved the snow well into the month of March. And although my enthusiasm has diminished with our 2nd snowfall in April (and it is only the 3rd!), my husband knew how to put a smile on my face:
He surprised me with NEW SKIS!!!
I was, and still am!, totally surprised!!!
Not only do I have my own skis, they are gorgeous, to boot!

With the snowfall here, we are optimistic that there is more snow up North, and Mark & I are packing up the girls tomorrow and road-tripping to Afton Alps in Minnesota.

And hopefully a quick side trip to IKEA:)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

keepin' tabs on Eli

For those of you keepin' tabs on Eli McGee, here he is today @ 19 months old. And can I just say that a picture does not nearly do him justice. This boy is CUTE! And he is so much FUN!!
Lisi and I were able to hang with him today, and we just had a good time. He is good natured, eats well, sleeps well, and is just enough curious. Love that!
We are hoping that this handsome boy will come back soon:)

still..."I Like Mike"

As I have been updating my blog, I again gave some real thought to my "I Like Mike" banner. Is it time to take down? Is Mark right that it is time to take off my "Mike Huckabee for President" bumper sticker?
My answer to both of those: NO!
Regardless of political primaries and the media, I still like Mike!
I love his comment that he was educated on "miracles, not mathematics". I believe with all of my heart that God is ultimately in control, and despite our poor decisions sometimes, none of it takes Him by surprise. He does have a plan. Our job is to be in-tune with that, and do the work that needs to be done.
I love this country.
Despite John McCain's comment on Late Night with David Letterman that the American dream is to own your own home, I believe that the American dream is to make it on your own! The American dream is to have the opportunity to work hard, and to then reap the rewards of that hard work. And if that means owning your own home, then so be it! But higher taxes for the rest of us to bail out those who were deceived into believing that they could afford, and even deserved, a more expensive home than they could reasonably afford, is NOT the American dream. Heck, TAXES are not the American dream. And on that note, have you checked out Mike Huckabee's dream of giving the IRS a big ol' going out of business sale??? It is called the Fair Tax, baby, and that is a tax plan that will not hinder the American dream.
I am not at all sure how it will happen, but I am believing in miracles, and I am still going to proclaim to all who will listen, "I Like Mike!"
Please consider joining me!!!

update on GiGi

Yesterday GiGi was able to be transfered from Methodist Hospital to the ortheopedic rehabilitation center at Lutheran Hospital. YIPPEE!!! I have not been able to visit her yet, but my Dad said that she likes her room, and is just happy to be there.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods is so named because, "... it is a fit place for the Gods to assemble. We will call it the Garden of the Gods."~ surveyor, 1859.
And, in my opinion, the nearly 500 acres encompasses all that is beautiful about Colorado. More than 100 years ago it was privately owned by Charles Perkins for his summer home retreat. In 1909, after his death, his family donated the land to the city of Colorado Springs with the instruction that the area should always remain free to the public, and with structures built only for the necessary maintenance of the land. It is simply a beautiful place to 'get back to nature'. Lisi, Amy, Isabella & Mark
Isabella & her Daddy
sweet sisters~ who LOVED 'rock climbing'!
"Rock Climbing Prohibited" sign

Our Visit to Focus on the Family

Mark and I have been to Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs a few times by ourselves for conferences, etc, and have always enjoyed just 'being' there. It is an amazing campus! They even have their own post office and zip code because of all of the mailing that they do!!! But this was the first time we have been there with kids, and it was just so much more special.
We decided to get ready for our visit there by listening to Adventures in Odyssey, which is kids radio theater produced by Focus on the Family.
MUCH to our surprise, and delight!, Isabella and Lisi both chose to listen to Odyssey rather than watch movies on the drive out!
Mark and I enjoyed the broadcasts, too, and it was so much more of a family experience. If you have not heard of Odyssey, I highly recommend it. Focus says "ages 8 and up", but Isabella was totally engaged, and Lisi liked it, too.
family photo in front of "Whit's End Soda Shoppe" from Adventures in Odyssey
Isabella and Lisi going thru the wardrobe to Narnia
Lisi in Narnia
Isabella at KYDS 'radio station' getting ready to make our own episode of Adventures in much fun!!!
Mark, Iz, Lisi and the characters from Adventures in Odyssey

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Angel Fire

My favorite restaurant right now is Our Place Cafe in Angel Fire.
When I first walked in last fall, I knew I had found my place. It is totally eclectic. None of the tables match, and none of the chairs match each other, or the table where they are placed. Each wall is painted a different color, and none of the art work seems to go together.
Yet, somehow, it all works really well together.
And then there is the breakfast buffet. YUMMY!!!
Belgian waffles, fried potatoes, crispy bacon and fruit salad.
When Mark and I took the girls there for our ski trip, as we were walking in, I told Isabella she could pick any table for us to sit. And there was a 5 seat hi-top with a life-size stuffed dog bellied up to the table.
3 guesses as to where the Main family sat that morning:)
The Easter Bunny knew to visit us at our house in Angel Fire!

adventures in new mexico

Angel Fire in on the loop known as the Enchanted Circle.
It encompases Angel Fire, Taos, Red River and Eagle's Nest in New Mexico.
When Mark and I first visited last September, we really were amazed at how the terrain and the foliage changed with every turn around the mountains.
Taos definitely has an eclectic, artistic feel to it, and it was fun to walk around and tour the downtown area, as well as the Taos Pueblo. Taos ski resort is about 20 minutes from the town, so it is not really a skiing destination.
Red River is a little mountain town, with a ski lift that begins, well, right in town!
Eagle's Nest itself does not seem to have much to offer, but there is a lake just outside of town.
Angel Fire has the potential to be a really great resort town, but for now, is just a sleepy little town with great skiing.
And inbetween Eagle's Nest and Red River, we found a dragon. If you know our family, you know that we have dragons that live near our house each summer, and in the winter, they leave the farm land of Iowa to find the tall grass of Colorado. Last summer the dragons returned to Iowa with an 'elk'. Love that! Boy were we surprised to see a more colorful version of the dragons in New Mexico!Downtown Red River and the ski lift this past Fall.
The Little Red School House in Red River, est. 1915.
This picture is for Angela.
This Enchanted Circle area is a hot spot for Texans who want to experience the snow of the 'north'.

my first attempt at video posting

This is about 30 seconds of Isabella & Lisi going up the 'magic carpet' and skiing back down the little hill at Angel Fire ski school.

and the post you have all been waiting for...

Short version of our 2 ski experience as a family...WONDERFUL!!!
Isabella and Lisi spent 2 days in 'ski school' in the "Little Chiles" program.
End of Day 1 they were going up the 'magic carpet' and skiing back down the hill.
End of Day 2 they were on a chair lift and skiing down with everyone else!! AMAZING!!!
We will definitely be returning to Angel Fire, NM.Ski Girl Isabella ready to begin Day 1
Lisi Lu Lu showing the rest of the class how fun is done!
Lisi and Isabella skiing down after going up the 'magic carpet'.
Lisi, Mark and Isabella after the end of Day 2
Mark taking Lisi along the ski road home.