Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lisi Claire's Spring Program

There really is just nothing like a 3 year old pre-school program. And for our family, this one just takes the cake. The 45 second video at the end of this post is just a snipet of Lisi singing her heart out front and center. That sweet, squeaky voice that you will hear belongs to our own sweet Lisi Claire.

Lisi walking in and waving to her fans
(Her Mom & Dad, Isabella, PaPa and Pastor Lori)

Isabella, Pastor Lori and Lisi after the program @ Des Moines Christian

Iz, PaPa & Lisi

sweet Lisi muckin' it up for her Momma on Mother's Day

THE VIDEO...I only wish I had thought to tape all of the program


Melinda said...

Tuition for private Christian School: 1 gazillion dollars
Cost of gas to drive to school: 2 gazillion dollars
Listening to LisI sing her own praises to God, at her school program: PRICELESS!

amain said...

Oh my gosh...truer words have never been spoken!!

angelasustala said...

That is just PRECIOUS!!!! I love it! I know you are one proud momma!

Alicia Kennedy said...

I love it when kids have no shame in singing their little hearts out to God! So sweet and totally Lisi! :)

Lori Eilers said...

It was so great to witness our little star!