Thursday, May 22, 2008


If my own sweet girls get their own blog post, then so does this sweet Emma girl.  Can I just tell you that I LOVE her!!!  I met her when she was only days old, and had the privilege of caring for her the first week that she was home.  Honestly, privilege is only the best word that I can come up with, but it does not even come close to how feel about that experience.  When Heather was pregnant I loved "zoom lenz" because, well, it was favorite cousin Heather's babe!  But caring for Emma allowed me to fall in love with her, and forever feel tied to her.  The fact that she is just stinkin' cute is a bonus!  Now she can talk and tell her own little stories, 'make tea' for her Mommy and I, and takes amazingly good care of her own 'babies'.  She and her parents are also great hosts when you visit them in CA...I know I will be back!
Emma and me
Amy, Emma and favorite cousin Heather at their home
good times!
a playdate at the park


hahainlala said...

Emma is STILL asking for Cousin Amy:) When we landed in St.Louis last week the 1st thing Emma said to me was, "Cousin Amy's house?" She was VERY bummed to find out that we were in the wrong city for FCAmy:)

I know you say it was a privilege to care for my newborn Miss Emma while I was in the hospital, but really I am the lucky one. There is no one else that would have been as good of a "surrogate" mom as you:):):) Not to mention how many people are willing to put their lives on hold for a week to fly out and help someone else?!?!?

So, here is the MILLION dollar question...When are you coming out with the girls!?!?!?!


Lori Eilers said...

What a cutie! I think she needs to come to Iowa for a visit.